What is a visa?

A Russian visa is an official permit to enter, pass through, stay in, or live in Russia for a certain period of time.

An ordinary visa is in the form of an endorsement placed in your passport by a Russian embassy or a Consulate.


      1. Russian visa contains the following information:
        • The traveller’s name and surname (in both Cyrillic and Latin characters)
        • Date of birth
        • Sex
        • Citizenship/nationality
        • Passport number
        • Visa issue date
        • Entry and exit dates
        • Visa type (e.g. tourism or business)
        • Number of entries permitted (single entry, double entry or multiple entry)
        • Purpose of visit (e.g. study or tourism)
        • Information about the host organization in Russia
        • Russian visa invitation number


        1. To obtain a Russian visa you will need:

          ATTENTION! The consulate is not responsible for undeclared errors and typographical errors in the text of the visa after the citizen leaves the country of residence.


          1. Don’t forget:

The cost of the visa or the consular fee starts from EUR 35, and depends on the type of visa you need and on your citizenship. Fees are charged according to the bilateral agreements between the Russian Federation and your country of citizenship.

As a rule, if you change your mind and wish to withdraw your visa application, your money will not be refunded–visa fees are paid for consideration of the application and are non-refundable.

The visa issuing process usually takes 14 days, but can be arranged in one day for an additional fee.

Children who are included in their parents’ passport and are travelling together with them do not need a separate visa. However, children requirea separate visa if they have their own passports. In cases where parents do not intend to travel together with their child, they must confirm their consent for the child to travel in writing in the form of an affidavit.


          1. The visa does not guarantee entry into the territory of the Russian Federation!