FAQ: About Registration 

Where can I register my visa?
Your Russian visa may be registered at the reception desk of the hotel or hostel where you are staying, or by the host company or person if you are renting an apartment (or staying in private accommodation with friends or a family).

I intend to stay in Russia for two days. Should I register my visa?
Yes, you should register yout visa even If you are going to stay in Russia for less than seven days.

How long will it take me to register my Russian visa?
If you are staying in a hotel or a hostel, your visa will be registered immediately on arrival. If you are renting an apartment, the procedure might take a day or so.

I have not registered my visa within 7 working days upon arrival in Russia. What should I do?
If your visa has not been registered within 7 working days, you should ensure your visa sponsor (hotel, tour company, relative, employer, or university) registers you as soon as possible, otherwise you could experience problems when trying to re-enter Russia. You and your host are also obliged to pay a fine in amoun of RUB 2,000–5,000 (for private hosts) and RUB 400,000 (for companies) for non-compliance with the law.

Does a child need to register?
Yes, it is needed to make the registration for the children  under 18 years of age.

NB: In all cases a migration card must be completed for each traveller entering Russia, including children under 18.